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New Member Application

Prior to submitting an application, applicants must attend at least one luncheon, one service event, and one social event. In addition, applicants must obtain a letter of endorsement from a Rotarian (from any Rotary Club) and a letter of endorsement from a member of the Rotaract Club of Birmingham. Please note that all applications are considered confidential and will only be reviewed by members of the Club's Membership Recruitment Committee and the Board of Directors. Applications will be reviewed to assess an applicant's qualifications for membership based on the following criteria:

  1. Leadership
  2. Community Service
  3. Industry & Employer
  4. Demonstrated Interest in Membership
  5. Overall Presentation
  6. Rotarian & Rotaract Endorsement.



Applicants are required to attend at least three events prior to submitting an application for membership - one luncheon (Learn), one social event (Socialize), and one Service event (Serve). Please list ALL Rotaract events you have attended below and include the date and description of event.

Applicants are encouraged to attend more than the minimum number of required events.


A current Rotarian must e-mail both the endorsement document and a letter of recommendation on your behalf to Rotaract's Membership Recruitment Director at by the application due date. NOTE: The endorsing Rotarian may be a member of any Rotary Club and is not required to be a member of a local club. Rotarian endorsement from a non-family member is strongly preferred.


A current Birmingham Rotaract Member must e-mail both the endorsement document and a letter of recommendation on your behalf to Rotaract’s Membership Recruitment Director at by the application due date. Your application will not be considered complete if the endorsement is not received by that date. It is your responsibility to ensure that the endorsement is submitted on time. Endorsement from a non-family member is strongly preferred.

Additional Rotaract References

List three current Birmingham Rotaract members that you know and list your relationship to them. NOTE: These references are in addition to and separate from your Rotaract endorser. They are not required to fill out an endorsement form or write a letter. Please do not list family members. If you cannot list three references, please reach out to the Rotaract Membership Recruitment Director at


Upload a document (.doc, .docx, .pdf) with responses to each of the following questions below. Responses should be 250-500 words.
  1. Describe one of the events you attended with Rotaract (i.e. one of your learn, social, or service events) and tell us why that event made you want to join Rotaract.
  2. Describe a recent leadership role you have assumed during your educational experience or as a young professional, why you were compelled to lead, and what significant impacts you made as a leader.
  3. What is one thing about metro Birmingham that you would like to change? Describe at least one way that that change can be affected and how you can be a part of affecting that change.
Short Response
While many factors are considered in reviewing an applicant's submission, one of the most important considerations is to determine whether an applicant has a demonstrated record of leadership and community service. With that in mind, to be considered for membership, applicants must provide all of the following supplemental information:
1. Upload one copy of your current resume below (.doc, .docx, .pdf)
2. Please upload a high resolution digital headshot/photograph of yourself below (.jpg, .gif, .tiff).


Dues are $370 annually and are prorated in the member's first year. By submitting this application, you acknowledge and agree that, upon acceptance as a member of Rotaract Club of Birmingham, you will promptly pay when due all invoices for member dues to remain in good standing at all times.
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